How to Prep Skin Just in Time For Spring

With winter comes many great things, but one thing that’s not so great? The harsh effects winters have on the hair and skin!

Cold weather causes humidity levels to drop, stripping our skin of its natural moisture oils. Mix those cold temperatures with the increased use of indoor heating systems, warm showers, and sudden temperature changes, and you get skin that’s lackluster, flaky, and in some serious need of hydration.

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Adopting healthy practices, such as exfoliating correctly, staying hydrated, moisturizing daily, and eating a diet rich in fatty acids, can help alleviate some of the symptoms winters have on our skin. Sometimes though, at the end of a long, cold winter, our skin could use a little extra TLC. If you’re looking for ways to treat your winter-havocked skin, check out these three body and hair treatments that Avalon Salon & Spa, the best spa in Deer Park, IL, recommends to reverse winter damage.


Offered in 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute timeframes, Avalon Salon & Spa has a facial that meets everyone’s needs. After a thorough consultation, our estheticians will provide you with the best-personalized combination of Aveda products that will help your skin reach its natural balance. Your customized facial, which targets your individual needs and expectations, will rid the skin from its seasonal irritation and leave you feeling refreshed and glowy.

Botanical Scalp & Hair Treatment

Winter shows our hair and scalp little-to-no mercy during the colder months. Rejuvenate lifeless, frizzy hair and itchy, dry scalp with our Botanical Scalp & Hair Treatment. Think a facial, but for your scalp! Promote soft, naturally shiny hair by restoring balance to the scalp with this stimulating hair treatment.

Are you ready to kiss your lackluster, dry winter skin and hair goodbye? Book an appointment for any of our body or hair treatments today by calling us at 847.726.8855 or by booking online. Shop all Aveda skin and hair products at Avalon Salon & Spa, the best Aveda salon in Deer Park, IL.